Pihla windows are know from stylish appearance, strong structures, optional accessories and energy-efficiency making it easy to trust Pihla in all situations. The selection consists of three window models: triple-glazed opening Varma, quadruple-glazed opening Termo and Fixed windows.

Pihla Varma Windows

Pihla Varma is a double-sash, inward opening wood-aluminium window with a double-glazed insulating glass unit in the inner sash. The outer sash is made of aluminium and has one pane of glass. Pihla Varma is a reliable basic window and a suitable option for all properties. The 25-year guarantee against decay we issue for the window speaks for Varma’s reliability and durability.

In addition to the basic window, the Varma window is also available as an EI30 class fire window, emergency exit window and inlet air window with inlet air valves.

Pihla Termo windows

The low-energy alternative Pihla Termo is a double-sash wood-aluminium window with an insulating glass unit in both sashes. Compared with traditional triple-glazed windows, the Termo solution helps achieve considerably better heat insulation and protection against the sun’s heat radiation. The better heat economy the windows offer, the more comfortable the home is to live in.

The most popular optional accessories and options are the appropriate glazing solutions, decorative lattices, blinds, mosquito sashes, ventilation valves and, as in Varma windows, a decorative or straight inner sash. Pihla Termo is also available as an EI30-class fire window and inlet air window.

Pihla Fixed Windows

The interior of the fixed windows is timber, and the external cladding is aluminium. Thanks to the energy-saving insulation glass, fixed windows have an energy rating of up to A++. The popularity of Pihla Fixed windows has constantly been increasing thanks to their advanced glazing solution and excellent energy-efficiency. The soundproofing in Pihla Fixed windows is also excellent.

In addition to triple-glazed Varma and quadruple-glazed Termo structures, fixed windows are also available as an EI30-class fire window.

Black windows

Black window frames are not losing their allure. Pihla’s black windows are completely black up to the hinges, from the inside and outside. They give a great appearance to the home. We make black windows as opening and fixed windows.

Versatile solutions for everyneed

We offer a wide range of window solutions tailored to diverse requirements. Whether you seek energy-efficient options for your home, a durable option for your summer cottage, stylish design by black windows or natural look with wooden window, Pihla has you covered. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures that each window is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. We provide the perfect fit for every purpose.

Pihla windows improve the energy efficiency of your home for decades

New windows are up to 80% more energy efficient than old ones. In practice, this means that by choosing Pihla windows for your home, you can save up to thousands of euros over the next decade, depending on your heating system.

In addition to energy loss, many other home problems from stuffiness to draughtiness can be solved or prevented with Pihla windows, which have a lifespan of up to 50 years if well maintained.

Pihla is the most popular window and door brand in Finland

There are already more than 3 million Pihla windows and doors in Finland. The reasons for the popularity can easily be summed up in three main points.

Value for money

Pihla’s Finnish windows and doors combine traditional carpentry skills, modern product development and production, and extreme product testing.


Pihla offers comprehensive warranty conditions for windows and doors. For example, windows have a 25-year non-decay guarantee and doors a 10-year guarantee for the structure to remain straight.


As a financially sound company, we can guarantee security of supply, after-sales service and spare parts for years to come.

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Pihla experts at your service

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