Why choose Pihla? –
See 3+1 good reasons!

There are already more than 3 million Pihla windows and doors in Finland, making Pihla the most popular window and door brand on the market.

Pihla is the most popular and reliable partner for every builder and renovator.

REASON 1 – Finnish quality made to measure

Pihla’s Finnish windows and doors combine traditional carpentry skills, modern product development and production, and extreme product testing.

Our made-to-order, top-quality products combine versatility, a finished and consistent appearance and long life.

REASON 2 – Long guarantees

Pihla offers comprehensive warranty conditions for windows and doors. For example, windows have a 25-year non-decay guarantee and doors a 10-year guarantee for the structure to remain straight.

We continuously test and develop our products, which ensures long warranty periods.

REASON 3 – A reliable and responsible partner for renovation and construction

Pihla is part of Pihla Group Oy, a leading window and door manufacturer in Finland. Thanks to our modern production system, our high-quality products are completed on time and delivered to you on the agreed day.

Our reliability guarantees delivery reliability, after-sales service and spare parts even after years of service. That’s why Finland’s largest house builders, construction companies and hardware stores also rely on Pihla’s quality and service. We have a comprehensive and trained distribution and installation network throughout Finland.

REASON 4 – Our experts help you with choices that will affect your home for decades

Windows are purchased so infrequently that the choice should be made carefully and thoughtfully. Contact a Pihla expert for more information on the features and accessories of modern windows and things to consider when choosing windows.