Did you know that windows affect surprisingly many things?

With the versatile features and accessories of Pihla windows, you can ensure a functional home for decades.


Save energy and euros with new windows and doors.


Ensure efficient ventilation with air vents.


Avoid common construction and renovation error with antenna window.


Minimise risks with reliable Pihla windows and doors.

A functional home is energy efficient

With the new Pihla windows, heating energy waste is reduced by a factor of several times. A single double-glazed window in an old house can consume up to 300 kWh/m² per year with poor seals, while a new quadruple low-energy window consumes a mere 44 kWh/m². Pihla’s energy-efficient windows always have an energy class of at least A.

A functional home has good air quality

Indoor air quality has a major impact on both human health and living comfort. Thanks to the KLIK air valve, healthy and clean indoor air can also be ensured through window selection without the need for expensive ventilation renovation or wall valves.

A functional home has smooth connections

Homes are becoming increasingly energy efficient, but at the same time mobile signals are being blocked from entering the interior. In practice, this means that your mobile phone will not work properly and your mobile internet will slow down. Fortunately, Pihla Antennilasi offers a solution to this problem, ensuring that connections work without compromising on energy efficiency.

A functional home is safe

New Pihla windows and doors are in many ways safer than old and worn-out ones. Door accessories that increase safety and convenience include smart locks, while window accessories include for example integrated blinds and safety glass.

How much does a window renovation cost?

Window renovation is done so rarely that it pays to choose a reliable and professional company as your partner. Pihla’s experts will help you evaluate the costs and benefits of renovation, and select window features and accessories to achieve a functional home for decades to come.

Pihla experts at your service

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