Pihla windows save money and energy


Our windows

Easy to maintain and reliable, Pihla windows are designed to last.

Our doors

The strong door leaf of Pihla exterior doors ensures excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Functional home with Pihla

Windows affect surprisingly many things. Innovative features and diverse accessories of Pihla windows and doors help you make your home functional for decades to come.

Why choose Pihla?

There are already more than 3 million Pihla windows and doors in Finland, making Pihla the most popular window and door brand on the market.

Their appearance, strong structures, optional accessories and energy-efficiency make it easy to choose Pihla. Naturally, all Pihla windows, balcony doors and external doors are made with more than 40 years of experience in Ruovesi in Central Finland.

Pihla’s smaller carbon footprint

To reduce the carbon footprint of our products throughout their life cycle, we take environmental issues into account in everything we do.

We are committed to sustainable development and responsible business practices.

Pihla experts at your service

Do you need more information about our products or help choosing windows or doors? Or perhaps a more accurate price estimate? Our experts can help you with any window or door related question.