Are you planning to build a new home?

With Finland’s most popular windows and doors, you can complete an energy-efficient and functional home.

Pihla is the most popular window and door brand in Finland

There are already more than 3 million Pihla windows and doors in Finland. The reasons for the popularity can easily be summed up in three main points.

Value for money

Pihla’s Finnish windows and doors combine traditional carpentry skills, modern product development and production, and extreme product testing.


Pihla offers comprehensive warranty conditions for windows and doors. For example, windows have a 25-year non-decay guarantee and doors a 10-year guarantee for the structure to remain straight.


As a financially sound company, we can guarantee security of supply, after-sales service and spare parts for years to come.

Choose Pihla and ensure a functional home

Windows can make a surprisingly big difference to your home, from energy efficiency to safety and indoor air quality.

With Pihla windows’ innovative features and versatile accessories, you can ensure a functional home for decades to come.

Custom-made windows and doors for individual solutions

You are free to choose the size, style and colour of windows and doors you want, as we manufacture them according to your wishes in our modern factory in Ruovesi. We also design the frame depth, handles, glazing and accessories together to meet the needs of your future home.

Based on the drawings prepared by an architect or designer and your wishes, we will prepare a quotation for a package that meets your needs.

Pihla experts at your service

Do you need more information about our products or help choosing windows or doors? Or perhaps a more accurate price estimate? Our experts can help you with any window or door related question.

Pihla windows and doors are suitable for all types of homes