Window renovation in a housing company requires a reliable partner

Long experience and strong expertise ensure that Pihla’s window renovation services are carried out on time and within budget.

Pihla is the most popular window and door brand in Finland

We have been manufacturing high-quality windows and doors for housing associations for over 40 years and carry out hundreds of window and door renovations for housing companies every year. Our trained project managers will ensure that each window renovation is in good hands from start to finish.

Most advanced products Most advanced products

Most advanced products

As a strong professional in renovating windows in apartment buildings and terraced houses, we always have the right solutions for your needs.

Window renovation with Pihla is the best choice for housing associations of all sizes

Renovating the windows of a housing company will affect the lives of its residents and the quality of their homes for decades to come. Therefore, the renovation should be carefully prepared and carried out. In many housing companies, such a major investment is made only once or twice in the lifetime of the building.

The duration of a window renovation is usually only 1-2 days for a single apartment.

Considering window renovation in a housing company? Take advantage of our expertise right from the start!

Housing company boards and property managers should contact us well in advance of the actual window repair, so that everything is taken into account, for example at the tendering stage.

Window renovation that positively surprised every resident

As Oy Hopea-Salpa in Pasila, Helsinki, was renovated with new windows and doors, improving both the appearance of the buildings and the living comfort. Pihla’s window renovation was particularly praised for the improved ventilation, the well-managed project and the friendly and professional installation team.

Avoid reception problems during renovation with Pihla Antenna glass

A significant proportion of the Finnish apartment building stock is concrete, where the mobile signal has typically entered the interior through windows. The construction materials of concrete buildings have always attenuated the mobile signal, but earlier window constructions have allowed the mobile signal to enter the interior.

New energy-efficient windows use coated selective glass, which contributes to attenuating the mobile signal’s passage indoors. Today’s stricter energy efficiency requirements call for the use of selective surfaces to prevent energy loss. When replacing windows with new, energy-efficient ones that do not transmit the mobile signal as effectively, the need for antenna glass should be considered to avoid reception problems. Ensuring indoor sound quality should be taken into account in the renovation project, as the effects will be long lasting.

Window renovation in a housing company – Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to renovate windows in a housing company?

The cost of renovating windows in a housing company varies even more from case to case than in the case of detached houses, as housing companies vary greatly in size and circumstances. The easiest way to find out the cost of window renovation in a housing association, or at least an approximate estimate, is to consult a window renovation expert. Pihla experts can, for example, prepare a preliminary or budget offer for the board of the housing company and provide tools for information and tendering.

How long will it take to renovate the windows in a housing company?

The total time needed to renovate the windows of a housing company depends largely on the size of the company. Our experienced and trained project managers will ensure that the renovation proceeds safely, neatly and within the agreed timeframe. Certified installation ensures that the renovation is carried out reliably and smoothly, taking into account the life of the house.

For an individual apartment, the renovation is usually completed within one day. Immediately after dismantling the old window, the new window is installed directly and the opening is usually only open for about 15 minutes on average. So there is no need to worry about the home cooling down, even if the renovation is carried out in winter.

Can you live in an apartment during a window renovation?

Yes, you can. Compared to, say, a plumbing renovation, the renovation of a housing company’s windows is a much more carefree process that has very little impact on the daily lives of the residents.

How should I take into account the renovation of windows in my apartment?

Residents are responsible for the preliminary preparations for window renovation, mainly moving furniture, removing curtains, removing flowers and other objects from near the windows and protecting furniture in the immediate vicinity of the window from dust.

The installers protect the passageways and the front of the window with installation matting when renovating the window. A general notice will be sent to the entire housing company about a week before the start of the work. In addition, each apartment is always informed individually 1-2 days before the renovation begins.

Why is Pihla the best partner for a housing company’s window renovation?

Pihla is a reliable and financially sound company with experience, professionalism and the most advanced range of brands in Finland for the needs of housing companies. Smooth installation and the improvement in living comfort and energy efficiency offered by the products are a strong calling card for Pihla. In addition, satisfied customers are a strong reference for Pihla.

Why should you renovate your windows?

Windows in poor condition may not be noticed if they do not have major visible defects. But they can still cause draughts, noise and significant increases in heating costs. With Pihla’s windows, the housing companies save energy and euros, making it easier for them to decide to renovate the windows. For the property manager, for example, undertaking a window renovation means fewer contacts about problems with old windows.

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