Pihla has a long history of making premium doors. The high quality of our doors is based on our continuous product development, the latest example of which is the entrance door, which combines the dB and fire door structures. Thanks to our diverse door structure options, we can offer a well-functioning Pihla entrance door for every home

A Pihla door is an investment that will last for decades to come

Pihla doors are designed to be robust and durable. Our high quality doors work reliably, stay straight, are heat-retaining and secure, and won’t flinch in inclement weather.

The door leaf of our external doors is reinforced on both sides with aluminium sheet and HDF surface sheet. The outer surface of the door leaf has a depth and shape of the groove pattern specific to the model. Depending on the model, the pattern is also available on the inside of the outer door.

Pihla external doors are also an ecologically sound choice, as we take environmental issues into account in everything we do in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our products throughout their life cycle.

Quality Finnish doors made to order

Every Pihla door is made to measure, so you are can rely on getting exactly the kind of door that you want. You can define the measurements, handedness, frame depth and colour according to your taste and needs.

Instead of clear glass, you can choose from a range of glass that blurs the view.

Pihla offers a versatile range of doors designed for various purposes

Whether you need an external door, a balcony door, a fire door, a door for summer cottage or wooden door, Pihla has you covered!

One door, many applications

Pihla doors are available in a range of designs to suit different applications, whether you need a particularly energy-efficient or soundproof door.

The thick door leaf and double sealing make the door very warm.

For the best thermal insulation and energy-efficient construction.

A multi-purpose structure for outdoor doors, warehouses and cottages.

Meets the fire safety requirements for most buildings.

Designed to give the door the best possible sound insulation.

Ensures working mobile connectivity with the new energy-efficient door.

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Locking options

We offer a wide range of locking options for external doors. In addition to standard locking, you can choose the Yale Linus smart lock system that opens with a smart phone, regular key or code. Yale Linus is available in black and silver.

Our doors can also be fitted with the new, more advanced Yale Doorman L3 smart lock, which works with a smartphone and without a
traditional key. In addition to smart locks, our doors can accommodate many different types of electric locks.

Versatile accessories complete the Pihla door

The standard delivery of Pihla exterior doors includes a door leaf with flange and threshold and a lock frame. In addition to style and colour, you should also consider what accessories you need for your new door.

We can supply the door ready equipped with a button and key slot. In addition to buttons and keyholes, typical accessories include a letterbox, kickplate, bell and eyelet.

Pihla experts at your service

Do you need more information about our products or help choosing windows or doors? Or perhaps a more accurate price estimate? Our experts can help you with any window or door related question.