Window renovation from Pihla – Ensure a functional home for decades to come

We have over 40 years of experience in window renovation. We cover everything from planning and sizing to installation. Window renovation is done so seldom that you should choose a reliable and professional company as your partner

A free planning meeting with a Pihla expert is the best way to determine the need and cost of window renovation

Renovating the windows in your home is an important investment, as even small faults in the windows can cause major problems. Our experts will always assess the condition and replacement needs on site. At the same time, the cost of the window renovation is determined and we make sure that the renovation is not done unnecessarily.

Choose Pihla and ensure worry-free window renovation

There are often uncertainties involved in building and renovating – can we trust that our home will be OK? At Pihla, we’ve made your window renovation as easy as possible.

Window renovation is tailored to take into account the specifics of each home. You will receive the windows and doors you have ordered, installed in the agreed manner and within the agreed timeframe, and of course we will provide you with full product and installation guarantees.

The installation of your windows and doors is quick and hassle-free thanks to our professional installers. There is little disruption to your home during the renovation, as the time to install one window is fairly short and therefore the renovation can be done also during the winter time.

This is how easy your window renovation with Pihla is:

Things to consider when planning a window renovation

  • Sun protection for south and west-facing windows
  • Impact of window renovation on indoor air quality
  • Safety and usability of windows
  • The need for antenna glasses to ensure a functioning mobile network
  • Careful measurement of windows

We help you choose the right features and accessories for your windows, as these choices will affect your home and living space for decades.

The cost of window renovation?

The cost of window renovation does not only consist of new windows. Other factors include, in particular, the installation work and associated accessories, any additional fittings and services, and the doors, which are often replaced as part of the renovation.

As all homes are different, asking a quote is the simplest way to find out the cost of your window renovation.

Omakotitalon ikkunremontti Pihlalta on luotettava valinta.

Pihla offers versatile payment options for window renovation

Are you considering new windows, but wondering about the ease and cost of renovation? We can get you new windows and doors quickly and easily at an affordable price!

Take advantage of Pihla’s versatile payment options and get new, energy-efficient windows and doors for your home. Choose the one that suits you best – one-off or monthly instalments.

Window renovation also does wonders for the look of your home

In addition to savings and comfort, window renovation also affects the look of your home, both inside and out. Pihla windows and doors are available in a range of colour and style options.

Pihla experts at your service

Do you need more information about our products or help choosing windows or doors? Or perhaps a more accurate price estimate? Our experts can help you with any window or door related question.